Services We Provide

Using an odorless, EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant, you can be assured we will rid your facility of 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

Electrostatic Technology

Our sprayers use electrostatic technology to apply disinfectant with wrap-around adhesion and application saving you money.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Our disinfectant reduces cross-contamination with up to 65% less chemical per square foot using an NSF certified food surface sanitizer with no rinse required.

Services We Offer

We specialize in handling disinfection so you don’t have to.

  • Electrostatic technology recommended by Healthy Facilities Institute University
  • Eco-friendly using less product with more coverage per square foot
  • No cross-contamination or dripping in unwanted places
  • You'll have peace of mind knowing your facility is completely disinfected
  • Our application is completely unobtrusive so as not to interrupt your business